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True Friendship is…

According to my 2012 calendar, August 5th is International Friendship Day.  A quick online search shows that perhaps that date is wrong and it was last Sunday but I’m going to celebrate it anyways.

I sometimes find myself hanging back in developing close friendships with women because, well because… sometimes friendships hurt.  I have learned too that there is nothing like knowing you have friends who are there for you unconditionally.  So I started making a list of what I appreciate most about my closest friends and family.

(Written with humor and love.  After all, isn’t laughter one of the best parts of real friendship?)

True Friendship is…

  1. Knowing you don’t have to shave your legs before you see them.
  2. Knowing you don’t have to wax your lip before you see them.
  3. Knowing you don’t have to shave your armpits or even bathe previous to a visit with them.  (I’m picking up on a theme here.)
  4. When you don’t have to clean the bathroom before they visit because you know they know to “hold it” while they’re there.
  5. When you invite them for dinner and when they arrive ready to eat, you know it’s okay if you haven’t started cooking yet cause they’ll pitch in and help.
  6. Knowing it’s okay if you forget to put on your deodorant.
  7. Knowing they won’t gossip about you to your mutual friends when you have a disagreement.
  8. When your phone rings mysteriously in the middle of the night and you call them back and wake them up at 3am when it wasn’t even them who called you in the first place and they aren’t mad.
  9. Knowing that if they’re your boss and they fire you (even if it is a volunteer position) that they’ll hire you back.
  10. They’re a witness to your anger, joy, grief, and they don’t try to talk you out of it.
  11. You can call them crying because you just discovered your husband is having a surprise party for you in a half hour and they’ll come help you clean.
  12. You plan to dress as matching sumo wrestlers for Halloween.
  13. When you tell them you are closing your healing arts center they burst into tears because they know you put your heart and soul into it.
  14. They know they can show up at your door and sleep on the couch if they’ve had a rough day.
  15. On your birthday, they ignore your protests, come and pick you up for a nature walk and take you out for dessert.  And they give you gifts too.
  16. They respect who you are and are kind to your dreams.
  17. When you look at the clock and realize you’ve just had a 3 hour conversation that felt like 30 minutes.
  18. They know that if you don’t return their phone call right away, that you might just need time to yourself and it’s nothing personal.
  19. They celebrate with you when good things happen.
  20. They’ve got your back.  Period.

Can we keep this going?  I’d love to read your comments of what true friendship means to you!

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4 Responses to “True Friendship is…”
  1. trisha says:

    … they see beauty in you that you don’t see in yourself.

  2. Laurie says:

    This is so funny! I love it! Here are some of mine! You may have heard them before.

    The first one was a big one for me.

    –When you’re feeling weak, her presence alone makes you feel stronger.
    –When you’re dancing like a crazy person, you don’t have to worry about her looking at you and laughing because she’s dancing crazy right along with you.
    –When you realize your husbands like each other and your kids like each other as much as you like each other!
    –When you visit and you both pull out your computers and start working in silence.
    –When you’re clumsiest person she knows and she tries hard not to laugh and your bumps and bruises.
    –When she listens to you gripe about something that’s driving you nuts, instead of giving advice or focusing on what she would do, she just listens and allows you to come to your own understanding about the situation.
    –Last one, she has a way of reaching out to you, via phone, email, or just as a thought in your mind when you need her support most. You don’t know how you know, but you know she’s thinking of you and wishing you well just because she’s your friend.

  3. Laurie says:

    Can I edit this thing? Can somebody say spell check! LOL Blame it on the keyboard! 🙂

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