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3 Strategies for Sticking to a Vibrant Eating Plan

vibrant eatingLast winter I went through several months of being sick.  It was one thing after another.  From colds and ear infections to unexplained bouts of nausea and pain and more.  My body could just not seem to heal itself.  One day I was telling a family member about how discouraged I was and she said, “You know Trish, I think this just happens as you get older.  It’s harder to stay healthy.”  When she said that, every part of my body rejected it and I thought to myself, “Oh hell no!  That’s not gonna be me.”  I’m 38 and not ready to go down that path yet.

That conversation gave me the determination to figure out what specific strategy I wanted to use to get back on track to vibrant health, and yes, powerful living.  I chose raw foods.  In February I jumped into a 28 day raw vegan food challenge. 

My right wrist and shoulder used to ache every day.  They don’t anymore.  I used to curb my calories all day and binge at night.  Not anymore.  I used to crave sweets.  Now, I eat so much fruit that I haven’t wanted any sugary sweets – not even chocolate!

Are you getting all the fresh fruits and veggies in that you need to live vibrantly?  I know it can be a challenge.  Here are three tips to help you adopt a healthy eating plan.

  1. Find a support system.  For me it wasn’t easy to find a raw food support network locally.  In this age of technology though, I was able to find all the support and inspiration I needed to stick with it.  Megan Elizabeth is one of my favorite raw foodies.  She shares weekly inspiration and simple recipes via her YouTube channel.
  2. Make a simple plan and stick to it.  Although I eat a high raw diet, I was ready to add in cooked food in the evenings.  This is the simple plan I follow.  It’s called Raw Till 4.
  3. Shop local!  I hear a lot of people complain about the high cost of eating healthy.  Check out your local farmer’s market this time of year.  A few years ago, my friend Rosalyn took me on a tour of the local Amish markets.  We recorded it.  If you are a local Pennsylvanian, this is a great way to buy at a reduced cost.

I’ve lost 20+ lbs.  Though weight loss wasn’t my primary motivation, the releasing of the extra fat and toxins had a considerable effect on my energy level.

What’s your favorite fresh fruit or veggie that you can’t get enough of?

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2 Responses to “3 Strategies for Sticking to a Vibrant Eating Plan”
  1. Marty says:

    Your relatives comment is wrong. I need to tell you. All of life has its seasons. Just as you would not eat and be the way you were as a child so you also must honor the seasons of your life. Your are in the earth of life At 33 you start on the earth cycle of you life which is late summer your most brilliant time of life, It has the richest energetic inspirational rhythms of all the seasons. There are very specific thing that are done to maintain good health coexisting with the way of nature. and being in alignments with that I found my own way to health honoring what I have learned. The proof I have is in the health I have. An example is Now my waistline is 27 inched. Hoo Hoo. Not bad for being in the learly summer of the fall of my live. I lost 20 years.

    • Trisha says:

      I love you Marty! I think you’re amazing and inspirational. Just being in your presence is health-boosting! ♥

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