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Lessons from a Thunderstorm

raindropsOriginally posted 06/09/2011

A thunderstorm is blowing through the little valley where my home is.  I could smell the rain before it was here.  The wind began to howl as I watched the limbs from the trees moving around in circles with such grace as the wind blew through… the thunder roaring it’s statement.

What can I learn from this scene from nature that I am fully immersed in as I sit on my back porch – watching, listening, breathing in the moist, musty air of rain.

The sun peaks through and soon reflects it’s beauty off the glimmering leaves.  The thunder fades.  The branches are still once more.  The forest seems weary, but still.  The birds are silent.  Rest. Silence. Being.  A faint sweetness in the air.

What do I do when a storm rumbles through my life?  Do I take the time to smell the change in the air to prepare for what is coming?  Do I dance with the forces that are trying to push me around?  Am I still?  Do I acknowledge the hurt or anger that can show up like thunder does and soon fades?  Most importantly do I go with the flow and breathe from the fresh air that follows?  Am I cleansed and free… able to sing my song like the bird does once the thunder has faded?

(I don’t have a video to go with the post this week but I do have a new ‘Welcome’ video.  Check it out.)

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2 Responses to “Lessons from a Thunderstorm”
  1. Gina says:

    Love this Trisha. Thanks I needed it today!

  2. trisha says:

    Gina, I LOVE writing about nature. Glad it helped you today. ♥

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