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My Foray into Pottery Making

Friday, May 18th, 2012

Recently, I ventured into pottery making.  I started with pinch pots and coils.  My first lesson was utter bliss.  As the newest student, I enjoyed my solitary work while my teacher gently taught me the basics of working with clay.  How to cut a chunk off of my block of clay.  How to use my palms instead of my fingers to gently form it into a circular shape.

It felt so soothing in my hands, this freedom to create without pressure or expectations… the liberation of using my fingers in a different way.  Instead of forming the edges with my fingertips, I used the middle of my fingers, opposite my knuckles, to form the edges.  Whether I was pinching or rolling out little grey snakes with my hands to make coils, I just allowed my hands to do the work.  Grabbing stamps or tools as I needed.  Nothing, just immersing myself in the glorious letting go of it.  Letting go of planning or analyzing, just feeling and creating by instinct.  (more…)