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What Mother Earth teaches me about Motherhood

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

Mother’s Day is today.  For me, Mother’s Day is about honoring the women in my life who support and encourage me along life’s highway.  It’s also about being wrapped in Mother Earth and being protected.  I am embraced by the Earth right now.  Held in her arms, whispered to through the light breeze and the creek flowing in the distance.  I am welcomed into her sweet musky earth.  She is alive.  She is home to all of life.  As I sit upon her lap, the grasses and the leaves… her fingers caressing me and comforting me.  Her breath blowing the hair from my face.  She tells me I am loved.  That I belong.  She has seen much pain and sorrow but assures me that life proceeds, like it has for thousands of years. (more…)