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How I Found My Way out of Grief

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

I haven’t been journaling so much lately.  I just haven’t felt like it.  I keep asking myself, “why?”  Well the truth is, after three years of trying to pull myself out of deep grief and the further feelings of loss and despair that come with closing a business, I have finally felt a shift happening.

I typically write in my journal to process sadness or heartbreak or difficult situations.  A  deep feeling of contentment and peace has been with me the last few weeks.  A feeling that all is as it’s supposed to be.  I have relaxed into the moment.  I am trusting what is.  My season of grief is over.  I have grown.  I have evolved.  This transition process was often dark.  I could always see a pinpoint of light in the distance but sometimes wondered when or how I would emerge fully into the light again. (more…)