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Winter Solstice Retreat

* A Winter Solstice Mini Retreat *
From the Seasons of Change Retreat Series.
A retreat for women to slow down and remember who they are.

    Saturday, Dec. 15th 2012, 10:00am – 1:00pm
    Two Sisters Healing Arts & Wellness Center
    146 Fairpoint Rd., Mill Hall Pa  17751
    Trisha Rockwell, Seasons of Change Certified Coach
Cost:  $32.00

“In nature, darkness is the rich, fertile soil that enables seeds to sprout and grow into the plants that will ultimately provide a harvest.  The same is true for you.”  – Carol McClelland Ph.D.

This 3 hour mini retreat is all about learning to rest, be still, and remember the power that resides within.  

  • Take part in activities to strengthen & awaken personal power.
  • Conquer struggle & learn ways to release overwhelm.
  • Create the conditions to allow for a solstice insight or “turning point”.

This retreat will include:

– Relaxation Exercises
– Self-exploration
– Connecting with Nature
– Ritual
– Prayer Form
– Luscious Snack & Beverage

Please register in advance as space is limited.  You may register via our ‘Contact Form’ or send an email to trisha(at)awakenintolife(dot)com.

“The warm, inviting atmosphere is so relaxing and knowing that you can open up to women whom you don’t know as well as learn from them is exhilarating. Finding yourself may seem impossible to do alone, but with the strength and companionship gained from the retreat it makes even the most impossible obstacle possible to overcome. There are so many positives in life which we often take for granted. This retreat, as well as others I have attended, allow for that time to ‘dig deep’ and realize the beauty and importance of everything and everybody in my life.” – A.R.


Questions?  Please contact Trisha Rockwell at 570-974-8227 or trisha(at)awakenintolife(dot)com.

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