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67 Ways to Combat Loneliness & Reclaim Your Freedom Factor

lonelinessfreedomI am lonely this summer.  You know that feeling when you’re at a picnic full of friends and family, people who love you, but you still feel a deep sense of loneliness?  I’m feeling that.  I’m not sure why.  I think part of it is because I have not done any traveling this year.  I love planning for and going on adventures.  It fills me up, the connecting with new places and people and experiences.  We did not take a vacation this year.  I’ve tried to plan some other smaller family adventures but there is not much interest from the fam.  So I decided I would take all this lonely, stuck in the mud energy and put it to good use!

I made a list (hoping to get to 100) of activities that I knew would help me climb out of the loneliness pit.  I choose one thing from it every day and do it.   Help me add to it in the comments below. 

1.    Go to bed early and wake with the birds.
2.    Explore a waterfall.
3.    Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while.
4.    Take a walk every day.
5.    Get your ‘earthing’ on.
6.    Take a weekly yoga class.
7.    Stock up on fresh fruits and veggies.
8.    Find a healing arts center and take some classes.
9.    Set a goal and take tiny steps towards it.
10.    Spend time on the water.
11.    Take a road trip.
12.    Be open to a new friendship.
13.    Create a freedom ritual.
14.    Forgive those who have hurt you.
15.    Use essential oils to calm and soothe.
16.    Read 29 Gifts.
17.    Practice a daily ritual and/or meditation.
18.    Watch a comedy at the theater with your girlfriends.
19.    Cuss.  (Yes, it helps.  Don’t ask me why.)
20.    Write a letter.
21.    Plant something.
22.    Do a craft with kids.
23.    Paint your nails a wild color.
24.    Try something new.
25.    Allow others to help you.
26.    Plan your next birthday celebration.
27.    Volunteer with something you are passionate about.
28.    Go visit your favorite relative.
29.    Make friends with a tree.
30.    Take a pottery class.
31.    Chocolate.
32.    Get a massage.
33.    Try some acupuncture.
34.    Take a nap.
35.    Let yourself off the hook.
36.    Examine what is right/what you love about your life.
37.    Imagine your ideal life:  Breathe it, Smell it, Taste it, Feel it.
38.    Try a funky new style.
39.    Stand up for yourself.
40.    Listen to yourself.
41.    Remember that what others think about you is none of your business.
42.    Let go of judgment.  Especially towards yourself.
43.    Empower another woman through
44.    Do exercises to open your heart chakra.
45.    Choose 27 things to get rid of a.k.a. the 27 Fling Boogie.
46.    Declutter your office.
47.    Dance.
48.    Go skinny dipping.
49.    Smudge yourself and your surroundings.  Make it a ceremony.
50.    Dress up and go somewhere.
51.    Buy some sexy new lingerie.  Because YOU like it.
52.    Celebrate past failures because you had the courage to try.
53.    Get away.
54.    Don’t ask permission.
55.    Follow your intuition.
56.    Go to a state park you’ve never visited before.
57.    Meet a friend for a picnic lunch.
58.    Encourage someone.
59.    Feel the sun on your skin.
60.    Invite friends over for a campfire.
61.    Read an uplifting book.
62.    Post inspirational quotes around your home or office.
63.    Hold someone’s hand.
64.    Give/Accept a hug.
65.    Choose a positive affirmation and tape it to your bathroom mirror.  Read it every morning.
66.    Go on a women’s retreat.
67.    Journal your own list of at least 20 ways to Combat Loneliness and share it with us here in the comments.

I will be Vlogging about this topic every day this month.  Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for daily updates.

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3 Responses to “67 Ways to Combat Loneliness & Reclaim Your Freedom Factor”
  1. -ARR says:

    Find some beautiful scented flowers and watch for butterflies (my lillies are amazing).

  2. DLK says:

    Spend time with a child, doing childish things.

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