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31 Days

On August 1st I made a snap decision to make a video for every day in August.  I didn’t know when I began just how hard it would be to “get it together” and share a piece of my life every day.

8 Ways to Be a Better Listener

I remember having a conversation with a woman once who was telling me that she felt that one of her best qualities was that she was a good listener.  During that conversation, she was very quiet.  So quiet in fact that her eyes became glazed over.

Journaling Prompts for Releasing Resentment

When resentment gets a hold on us, it bites deep.  Most of us have felt resentment towards a person or a situation at some point in our lives.  Those feelings pop up for me when I begin to feel like I don’t have a ‘say’ in how life is going.

Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

Last weekend we visited an amusement park.  The lines were long.  I’m always amazed at how long people will stand in line for a 30 second thrill.  It struck me as we inched forward in the lines how interesting and symptomatic these lines were.

67 Ways to Combat Loneliness & Reclaim Your Freedom Factor

I am lonely this summer.  You know that feeling when you’re at a picnic full of friends and family, people who love you, but you still feel a deep sense of loneliness?  I’m feeling that.  I’m not sure why.