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3 Strategies for Sticking to a Vibrant Eating Plan

Last winter I went through several months of being sick.  It was one thing after another.  From colds and ear infections to unexplained bouts of nausea and pain and more.  My body could just not seem to heal itself.

Lessons from a Thunderstorm

A thunderstorm is blowing through the little valley where my home is.  I could smell the rain before it was here.  The wind began to howl as I watched the limbs from the trees moving around in circles with such grace as the wind blew through.

Religion and Spirituality

I was raised in a traditional, conservative, Christian upbringing.  It was rare for us to miss a Sunday church service, even in a cold, icy Pennsylvania winter.  The five of us would pile unto the bench seat of my father’s pick-up truck.

My Birthday Tradition – A Nature Celebration

It’s the best birthday gift I give myself each year.

There’s no cell service.
No electricity.
No plumbing.

Struggling to Live up to Expectations?

When I am free to be me, when no one has expectations set up for me, I feel free to be loving and nurturing.  Expectations drag me down and make me feel like I will not live up to something properly.