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Encouraging Words – Improve Interpersonal Skills through Encouragement

I love to sit in a circle of women and notice and acknowledge all the beauty and light within them.  I love to share with them all that I see and watch their inner light spread and shine a little brighter as I reflect their true self back to them.

What is your pain trying to tell you?

There are people who live in pain every day.  People walking around suffering physically with no outside symptoms to be seen.  I often wonder how they make it through the day, a week, years.

Re-Discovering Your Power through Retreats

During my holistic health studies I came across a lesson on power.  It made me look at where and how I felt powerful in my life as a woman.  As I discovered, my “power” came from feeling approval from others.

My Foray into Pottery Making

My first lesson was utter bliss.  I just allowed my hands to do the work.  Nothing, simply immersing myself in the glorious letting go of it.  Letting go of planning or analyzing, just feeling and creating by instinct.

What Mother Earth teaches me about Motherhood

She is home to all of life.  As I sit upon her lap, the grasses and the leaves… her fingers caressing me and comforting me.  Her breath blowing the hair from my face.  She tells me I am loved.  That I belong.  She has seen much pain and sorrow but assures me that life proceeds…