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Journaling Prompts for Releasing Resentment

When resentment gets a hold on us, it bites deep.  Most of us have felt resentment towards a person or a situation at some point in our lives.  Those feelings pop up for me when I begin to feel like I don’t have a ‘say’ in how life is going.

Lessons from a Thunderstorm

A thunderstorm is blowing through the little valley where my home is.  I could smell the rain before it was here.  The wind began to howl as I watched the limbs from the trees moving around in circles with such grace as the wind blew through.

Struggling to Live up to Expectations?

When I am free to be me, when no one has expectations set up for me, I feel free to be loving and nurturing.  Expectations drag me down and make me feel like I will not live up to something properly. 

Simple Steps to Real Gratitude this Thanksgiving

This time of year, it can be easy to lose yourself in preparations and in taking care of everyone around you.  These are some of the steps I’ll take to care for myself and stay centered and balanced during this busy time.

Retreat Bliss: Taking my family along for the ride.

In the past, my least favorite way to retreat was when I attempted to “retreat” with my family.  After returning from a “relaxing” family vacation, I would feel like a I needed to go on another vacation by myself just to de-stress.  Something changed recently…