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Simple Steps to Real Gratitude this Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

This time of year, it can be easy to lose yourself in preparations and in taking care of everyone around you.  I know I often feel pulled in different directions, like I have to fit certain things into the day to accommodate everyone.  This year I have made a plan to really feel the gratitude and enjoy this Thanksgiving day.  These are some of the steps I’ll take to care for myself and stay centered and balanced during this busy time.  Won’t you join me?

  1. Meditate.  Five minutes in the morning to yourself.  You may want to try lighting a candle and connecting to as you begin your day.
  2. Take a morning Thanksgiving Walk.  Go solo or take someone with you.  Bask in the beauty of our surroundings this time of year.  I may even take my shoes off and dip my feet in a nearby stream.
  3. Make a Gratitude List.  Begin with at least 10 things you love about yourself.  (This could be done during the walk.)
  4. Create a Letting Go Ritual.  Pay attention to any negativity that may be coming up for you about the day.  Release it by acknowledging it, writing it down, and then burning, flushing, or ripping it up into little pieces. (more…)